Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Exclusion as Nazis !

As a German you have to be ashamed when German higher education graduates in the German Embassy are bungling  to process a simple visa application.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has criticized the exclusion of foreigners in the strongest terms, she told the press at the opening of the NS - Documentation Centre on April 30 :  "Exclusion of foreigners must never happen again."
Intolleranz you want in Munich no longer, although foreigners are still excluded for years because they are married to a German, family reunification is simply prevented.
In the meantime, I will be excluded as a German by the German Embassy in New Delhi. 

The Nazis called the Jewish as world Parasit. Backwoodsman in the Germany Embassy in New Delhi entitle unusable Indiens and foreigner as parasit.
Nazi blood flows in the veins of women Koschella-Schmidt. Exclude foreigners is the Nazis in the blood, so also since 2007 no visa for my wife.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the exclude foreigners without thinking about it . 

Why does my wife further excluded?

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Jealousy or really stupid.

Jealousy or really stupid.

Germany Embassy is unable since November 2012 to process a visa application.

In the German Embassy forcing my wife to cheat on her husband otherwise there is no visa.

In a country like India, where a woman is fast victims of violence are different visa requirements which were not taken into account.
Visa is issued for Indian women generally after one year and the German classes are held in Germany so it requires the legislature. There are other exceptions for family reunification which were not taken into account.

Family reunification will prevent if the exceptions are not complied with by the legislature because Indians are considered parasites and waste. 

I thought that the German Embassy has already come morally in the basement, then quickly even dig a floor and drop lower.

The employer of my wife does not agree , a woman every day 10 hours on bus to learn German in Chandigarh, in such a project, she had to cancel at the labor contract and would be again dependent on the husband.
The work makes fun of my wife, and she is glad to have found a job.

The German Embassy forcing my wife to learn German in India, as well as the risk of being raped. Work would have not in Germany anyway for them at over 20% unemployment.
I am searched in Germany for 10 years and found a job for 2 years only.

My wife will remain childless because laws and its exceptions as are imposed by the legislature itself are ignored.

Human rights continue to be violated.
Even Hitler approved family reunification of Jews to German soldiers. Germany but not like this hears.

One could confidently write: New modern Nazis prevent integration and family reunion!

Furthermore, I am referring to the previous track and reports.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Criminal Embassy

The offense of sedition defined § 130 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code:
Who in a way that is likely to disturb the public peace,
1 against a national, racial, religious or their ethnic group against parts of the population or against an individual because of his aforementioned belonging to a group or a part of the population incites hatred, calling for violent or arbitrary measures or
2 the human dignity of others by insulting, that he abused any of the aforementioned group of the population or an individual because of his aforementioned belonging to a group or a part of the population, maliciously or contemptuously slandered,
shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to five years.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Inaction in visa processing.

My German lawyer has now requested a visa for my wife in November 2012. The German Embassy is still in a deep sleep and are insufficient response. First was constantly ignored, it went on with insufficient answers. In May 2013 an inadequate response that the request is being processed but not how long it takes. In early June finally an answer. Which the application will be processed within 14 days turned out to lie about. No answer and the lawyer is again ignored. My lawyer threatened the Foreign Office two times with a failure to act in the visa processing.
The Embassy and the Foreign Office are helpless to handle the request.
Where does the inaction? It can be incorporated costly persons who would otherwise fall into the unemployed ghetto. The whole day is not working so that you continue to have a job and is not denounced.

My foreign friend works in Germany and told me why the country is broke.

He writes: What I have seen here is 98% German're totally lazy remaining 2% can not locate one.
Everybody wants to specify only and do not really work. The general public in the office here is totally stupid and clueless. 

If the Germans were not so lazy they would be unemployed for a long time.

If this is not so, then the visa application would be processed.
I think that visa office has both fingers in the nose and is overworked with it, to still edit a visa application.
The German Embassy ignored all visa requests since November 2012.
Main problem is Consular Sabrina Koschella-Schmidt at the German Embassy New Delhi. She blinks strangely with the eyes to act nice to me for only one reason, there she speaks disparaging remarks about the Indians so I'll get a divorce.

No visa for expert treatment for traumatized and a surgery for spouse .

My wife was in 2007 for the second times applied to the German Embassy for a visa to Germany. On the way back from the embassy, she was traumatized at an armed robbery. 
Since then, she's afraid to go alone to the embassy. 2009 then refused the visa because there is no willingness to return. 2009 then a visa is requested for surgery because a tumor had formed with pain. Again visa rejected because no case hardening which is justified for a visa into consideration.Why will not accept the foreign spouse?

Whoever does not honor the foreigner is doomed. Comp. Adolf Hitler.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Germany discriminated subsequently immigrating spouse

The university degree Master of Art is worth nothing says the Consular and the Punjabi University would not have a university.

Punjabi University is a higher education institute. Punjabi University teaches and researches in science, engineering and technology, humanities, social sciences, performing arts and sports.
How stupid are the German university graduates in the Germany Embassy?

A dead foreigner is just a good foreigner

There are countries in the world where women have no value. We can not expect that in such a country the woman arriving alone 7 hours by bus to the embassy. To not go back at night must have needed a place to stay. Indian women get but not a hotel room without a male escort. The Embassy hopes that it does not survive the women with a gang rape and send them by bus for five hours distant German lessons. The Consular claiming their wife does not want to follow them to Germany. 

Was objected to: My wife would have no interest to Germany because it is against a gang rape on the way to five hours away by bus German lessons.